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Sushant Singh Rajput gets naughty!


Is he or is he not dating Kriti Sanon? Some reports claim there is a lot happening between the gorgeous twosomes, some say there is no truth to it. Some say they have witnessed the hunk smothering the beauty with kisses whenever they think no one’s’ seeing, some say they don’t care about hiding at all… whatever it is, Sushant is not saying, neither is Kirti but apparently the two are having a great time working together for their upcoming film.

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The two have hit it out so well, that there are onlookers who claim if he isn’t already dating Kirti, he probably should cause they make such a wonderful pair together.

“Rabta has such a wonderful energy and Sushant and Kirti make the film all the more gorgeous with their presence merely. They are a sight for sore eyes and really cut the most beautiful frames.

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Both are so similar, yet different, it will be a treat to have them in a film together,” declared our source film the film sets. We will have to simply take his word for it because none of the concerned parties are ready to share the facts.