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Sunny Leone’s the sunshine girl


Sunny Leone started the new year in a special way, she decided she wanted to ensure that everyone who means something to her, knows that they are being appreciated. While her friends and family are used to Sunny’s thoughtful ways. It came a pleasant surprise to her team, when Sunny showered them with the affection on the new years.

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From letting them take time out to leaving a special message for each, Sunny totally was the sunshine girl for her employees. “I realize one thing, I am who I am because of them.

Earlier it was only my husband handling all my work, but as the work is growing, we needed more assistance and my team has been the most important part of my life currently because no matter how hard I work, it is thanks to them that I am allowed to be me. It is because they do their work that I can concentrate on my work and not think about other things that take up so much effort!”

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Truly, working with someone as pretty as Sunny, might be exciting but having her make that added effort might surely be the icing on the cake.