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Sunny Leone wants women to speak for themselves


From being an adult star to playing the lead role in Bollywood films, actress Sunny Leone aka Karanjit Kaur, who fought several hardships throughout her career, believes women should stand up for their rights. “Women should speak up for themselves. They should say whatever they feel and do whatever they want to do. Every girl should pursue their passion and follow their dreams. And these small choices will strenghthen our women and will make them more confident,” the “Jism 2” actress said, while unveiling her wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Delhi.

Sunny also said that to bring a change in the society, people first should change themselves. “In homes, women must feel free to express what they want to say. If they don’t want to wash dishes, they can confidently ask husbands to wash the dishes. Making small choices will change the status of women in our country and I believe it should happen in homes first.”

Sunny’s wax figure has been made with the aroma of her signature perfume and was hand crafted from over 200 measurements and photographs, taken during the sitting session with her.

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