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Sunny Leone wants her work to do the talking


Sunny Leone is an internet sensation but every time there is a mention of Sunny Leone in terms of her Bollywood brand image, there is a question as to whether she has been accepted or not. There have been so many people who have tried to pull her down, made derogatory comments and what not. Though that has not hampered her celebrity status but the questions of the acceptability has often come up.

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Ask her if she is constantly battling with the crowd perceptions of herself and trying to prove a point, she refutes it, “There is no way I will bother answering the individuals everytime they question my work integrity, I would much rather have my work do the talking. It is easier and more effective that way, don’t you think?” she disarms us with a smile that really sets the record straight.
But we cannot help but wonder if all the ‘questioning of her integrity’ has left her with a bitter taste? “The fact of the matter is I am at a place where I never thought I could reach. I have too much to thank god for. I have Daniel (her husband) who does everything possible to see that i am protected and loved, all i have to do is turn to him and count my blessings,” she said matter of factly.