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Sunil Grover charges whopping Rs 14 lakhs, after The Kapil Sharma Show suffers


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From long time Sunl Grover and Kapil Sharma are making headlines for there fight in plane, and there are news that Kapil show is suffering from low TRPs rate and this had put kapil in stress. News are that Sunil Grover has hiked his fees. The Coffee With D actor seems to have played his bets well especially when TKSS shooting gets cancelled now and then owing to Kapil’s ill health. Earlier Sunil Grover used to charge Rs 7-8 lakhs per episode but now, the comedian has doubled his fees to Rs 13-14 lakhs per episode, according to a report in DNA.

“Sunil has been getting some really good offers for shows but he’s focussing on guest appearances and stage shows. “To everyone’s surprise, while Kapil has reduced his fee, Sunil has almost doubled his. “Sunil was previously charging Rs 7-8 lakhs per episode on Kapil’s show. Now, he charges around 13-14 lakhs per appearance.” a source was quoted as saying to the daily. Kapil, who was supposed to sign a Rs 107 crore deal with Sony TV for the renewal of his contract is now struggling to keep the show running, as according to reports, Kapil’s contract with Sony TV might not get renewed.