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Sujoy Ghosh’s unfulfilled dream…


Sujoy Ghosh might be reeling with pressure, figuring out last minute details of the many things that will go into releasing Kahani 2, this December.

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However, that doesn’t keep his mind for wandering and the one place he usually comes to a halt is when he thinks about his dream project – Kabuliwala. Yes, Balraj Sahani’s 1961 classic.

That’s the very dream Sujoy hasn’t been able to fulfill. “I have been grappling around it for a long time now, but there is so much that has changed, that to keep the relevance of the film in today’s day and age, is becoming very difficult.

It is a story from over a half century ago, with time there have been so many significant changes that even basic emotions have changed. How we handle love or anger today, was not the way we did it years ago. Our understandings have changed, our priorities have changed. Childhood has changed to a great extend. So you can’t imagine why we are having so much trouble making the film?”

 We do, but we are also impatient for it now, aren’t we?