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“Success Is Being A Better Me!” says Kirti Kulhari


Pink is still not a thing of the past, but there are many more reasons why Kirti Kulhari smiles bright as she speaks to Shubarna Mukerji Shu.

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 People haven’t been able to get over Pink yet. Your role had many varied shades. Which is the one scene, you would say, that was a personal highlight?

One moment I vividly remember is the day I finished shooting my most important scene in the film, the court scene. I remember it was a long one, and we finished it in one take and I just couldn’t stop crying even after my director said cut. And to my surprise, pretty much everyone on the set that day was immensely moved by what they had just witnessed. In that moment, I felt so proud, so grateful, so happy, so blessed. I knew in that moment more than ever that I was meant to be an actor and was here to touch people through my work. There are many times you find yourself questioning yourself, but there, at that moment, it felt like this was the purpose of my life!

It has been slow-moving for you – where did you get the strength to persevere?

I found the strength within. There were lot of moments of self- doubt and frustration but the fire and passion I have for acting within me kept me going. While that helped push me to an extent, in the long run it is the hope that someday I will get a chance to show the world what truly lies within me as an actor.

Having been part of something as successful as Pink – and yet, taking it slow might not be easy. When you are bubbling with success, how are you managing to tame that?

…By remembering and reminding myself of the times when this success wasn’t a part of my life and yet life was complete… ‘This too shall pass’ is the highest truth. Most people use this phrase when the going gets tough, but the fact remains that this phrase is equally prevalent when you are having a successful spree. I try not to forget that each time I am down or flying high in the air. I always keep looking for who I truly am, and try and stay connected to that person inside me. I really think that helps me be less and less affected by what’s happening outside of me – be it success or failure, ups or downs.

While highs and lows are equally pertinent to all, what would you say has been your greatest high? Let’s take your work into focus for now…

I am the happiest right now. In this moment, with the way everything has turned out with PINK, I could not have asked for more. Why think about what has been the greatest high ever, when I am happy and content right here, right now, in the present! It’s a long road, let’s see what lies ahead.

There are many things that make an actor… the charm, the craft, the heart. What, according to you, separates you from the others?

I don’t know if it separates me or not but I think being an actor/artist, the first thing one needs to be is honest. I am honest with myself and that’s what I bring to my craft.

Truly, this has been your professional high. But with all the buzz of festivities around you as we get into the season of celebrations, what would you say makes you happy?

Festivities or no, there are a few things that always make me happy – travelling, music, acting, films, my husband, family, friends, great food, great conversations, playing badminton, and my morning cup of ginger tea.

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True, celebrations needn’t be confined to the festive season, yet when it comes to life there are always a few high points that make your heart leap a little every time you revisit the memory. Which have been those highs for you – personally and professionally?

My personal high was when I got engaged to my husband on December 21, 2014 and the professional high was when I saw PINK for the first time at the first public screening on September 11, 2016 at Yash Raj Studios.

There is something absolutely divine in the moment when you surmount something you never saw yourself doing. Would you share such a moment of inspiration with us?

Each time professionally and personally, when I came to a point of giving up and didn’t, all those innumerable moments make me who I am today. But one thing I would like to share with everyone is how, when I wasn’t successful, I would often wonder how I would be when I got success.

Would I be able to forgive everyone who wasn’t nice to me when I was a nobody and let go off the grudges or would I give it back to them?? Would I shrink as a person or would success bring out a bigger, better version of me?Would I still be grounded or get carried away by this thing called success? And I am very glad to say that today, whatever has come to me in the name of success, has pushed me towards forgiveness,  humility, gratitude and being a better me. Having surmounted all that anger and angst surely makes me very proud of myself. And that’s real victory for me!