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Subhash Ghai mentors film students from Denmark


Renowned Filmmaker Subhash Ghai who is known for his classic cult movies from the 90’s and popularly known as the showman of Bollywood is one of those few Bollywood personalities who have contributed highly in the cinema world. First as director and then as the chairman of the prestigious Whistling Woods International &Mukta Arts Pvt, Subhash Ghai can be easily called the epitome of filmmaking knowledge.

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Recently this legendary personality met a few Danish actors who had come to Whistling Woods International School to learn more about world cinema.  During their interactions, the filmmaker gave the actors an in depth knowledge of the Bollywood world. He also shared his experiences and fine understandings on cinema leaving the Danish actors totally amazed and impressed with our Bollywood culture.  That’s not all!  One of the Danish female actors who was part of this group was so fascinated by Subhash Ghai’s proficiency that she expressed her wish to work in a Bollywood style film.

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“I was surprised to know that young filmmakers of Denmark who have come just to visit India to know about world cinema were so keen in knowing about our Hindi Cinema. It was enriching knowing their excitement during our session with this group which consisted of Young Danish Directors, Actors and Writers.  They were highly impressed with Bollywood and that was an overwhelming feeling for me. I feel honoured when international filmmakers show interest in Bollywood,” said the legendary director Subhash Ghai.