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Stories are becoming important: Actress Shernaz Patel


shernaz patel

Veteran actress Shernaz Patel says it’s a good time for the Indian film industry as stories and good scripts are getting importance. Shernaz has been part of the film industry for about three decades now, and she says it has evolved over the years. “Stories are becoming much more important. I think the audience also wants to see films where script and story matter. People are exploring so many different stories and that’s fantastic,” the actress, who has featured in Bollywood films like “Guzaarish” and “Black”, told IANS.

Without naming anyone in particular, she also shared that the young actors are challenging themselves when it comes to their craft. “The younger lot of actors… As much as they may be stars, they are also actors. They are also challenging themselves and doing different things. So, I think it’s a very good time for cinema. Regional cinema is doing so well. The way Marathi cinema has taken off… it is a good time,” she said.

Shernaz has also heaped praise on the online medium, which is increasingly gaining popularity. “Online is a lovely medium that has opened up. It’s especially a boon for young actors. They don’t have to target just Bollywood when they come into the industry. They have lots of options to choose from. It’s fantastic,” said Shernaz, who is also a theatre artiste.

But she has no preference when it comes to mediums. “As an actor, you enjoy every medium as every medium gives you its own experience. They have their own way of working and attract different audiences. Actors want to do everything… every possible medium,” she said.