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SRK says he gets a thrill out of working in films and never gets bored from doing them


Eating paranthas from the Moolchand dhaba at 4 in the morning, driving down Rajendra Nagar and visiting his parents’ grave… A nostalgic Shah Rukh Khan says memories of Delhi are “deeply embedded” in him. “It seems like it was in a past life. It has been a long time doing this (films) now,” the star says reflectively, adding that his exuberance on screen did not always translate into his real life. Having completed 25 years in the industry, the actor says 25 is just a number. “My children and wife keep telling me “How can you do this day in, day out. Don’t you get bored?” No, I don’t. I am really high on films and life,” he says. Always the charmer, Shah Rukh can be funny, introspective and philosophical in the course of a single conversation.

The talkative side

SRK can be seen giving several interviews these days, owing to the release of Jab Harry Met Sejal. Does the superstar ever run out of words, given that none of his interviews are similar? Says SRK, “I never get bored with talking about my films. It is not because I am obsessed with it but because I think it is my duty. And I don’t answer the question, I answer the personality asking the question. Depending on how one asks the questions whether the person is serious, frivolous or just being cool, I will answer accordingly. I’m an actor and to me every person asking the question is a subject… somehow it has become a second nature.”

Quite the recluse

The actor has this exuberant side and then there is this introspective persona that somehow matches the character in “Jab Harry Met Sejal” in certain aspects. “Harry is quite close to who I would be in a certain sense. There is an exuberance that suddenly comes and because of that people think that I am a happy go lucky guy. But in real life I am not like that. In my family circles, people say, “He does not laugh or joke… picture mein to bahut lively lagta hai”.

I am quite reclusive actually. I am very quiet and I can sit alone for hours. Only my family knows that aspect about me. I can be very lonely not because I am lonely but because I just need the aloneness from sounds, colours and people around me. It is all positive, there is no negative in it but you just want to go quiet,” says the actor.

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Awkward with emotions

It is said that the industry is fickle, but SRK has retained all his old relationships and if there were issues, he has mended them. Speaking about it, the Raees star said, “It is very strange but I am very difficult in forming relationships. I don’t know the regular way of keeping relationships going. I had very deep relationships which were lost early on in life. May be, it is a defence mechanism, you know, my parents died so I had no one. It will be honest on my part to say that if I form a relationship, it is the others who make a better effort in keeping it going. Not because I don’t like to, but I don’t know any other way to be.

I am a little awkward with emotions and relationships in real life and over years the one thing that I have gained a lot is patience. I don’t realise and I’m like, ‘Accha, I had a problem’ because I have forgotten that emotion. This is why I am not good with relationships except my family, my wife, my sister, my kids and some four five close friends from Delhi and Mumbai. I am happy in their company because they kind of leave me alone.”

New collaborations

After Imtiaz Ali, SRK will be seen working with Anand L Rai. And going by their Twitter exchange, it seems King Khan is happy with the collaboration. He has also recently said that he waits to work with directors. Elaborating on the same, he said, “I wait for the director to have the first belief. As an actor, you have this big responsibility because you are riding on someone else’s emotions. It is better to wait for that director to feel that this actor is good enough to live my life. When I ask them to do a film with me at this stage of my career or even 15 years ago, it can become a compulsion rather than love. It can become an estranged relationship because they will be like, “how can I say no (to Shah Rukh)”…. As much as people say that I do commercial films and xyz, I have done the most varied roles within the parameters of commercial cinema from the beginning till now. I am always ready to take on the emotional journey of someone who trusts me with their emotions and I will keep trying it.”