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Sridevi’s Death: “hoping it is not homicide or suicide” tweets Taslima Nasreen, gets slammed


After the death of Sridevi people started their own theory on how she died. Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen expressed her doubt on Sridev’s death. According to Taslima Nasreen tweet she is concerned that she could have committed suicide or she was murdered. Although the medical reports states that Sridevi died due to ‘accidentally drowning’. Taslima tweeted saying “hoping it is not homicide or suicide”.

After Taslima’s tweet Twitter users gave a hard-hitting reaction to the tweet and she was also slammed for spreading baseless rumours about the death. Death of Sidevi was a shocking news for nation and while most person are expressing the grief at the loss of the talented actress while many are coming up with their own conspiracy theories regarding her death.

Sridevi’s body has not arrived in Mumbai till now, the latest news is that her body will be brought today by midnight. The report further says that Dubai police, which has given clearance for the return, is still awaiting clearance from the Prosecution magistrate. Indian authorities were informed that the body can only be handed over after a nod from the prosecution magistrate.