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Sri Reddy Controversy: Vishnu Manchu blasts MAA for ‘knee-jerk’ action; supports Sri Reddy


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Telugu actor Vishnu Manchu has come out in support of Sri Reddy as he sent a letter to MAA (Movie Artist Association) in which he expressed his displeasure about its recent ‘knee-jerk’ action against the actress, and banning actors working with her.

In a letter, Vishnu Manchu insisted that the authorities are there to set strict membership protocols and establish a grievance cell. He wrote, “I am deeply hurt by the way things are being handled by the MAA recently. The Association was formed to rise to the cause f the welfare of the members of Telugu film industry and also extended societal services besides supporting the Government in times of severe disasters and natural calamities.”

Vishnu Manchu further stated, “The recent episode involving a non-member with MAA puzzles me.” The actor also alleged that this decision by the association made bad impression in the world. He added, “Because of your decision we have been embarrassed nationally.”

Vishnu Manchu also went on to state that like 24Crafts production/Dance/Fight unions, the MAA must set right the guidelines on who can have memberships. The Film Chamber must set up a grievance cell to address sexual harassment and MAA alone cannot be a single party to this. The actor further added, “Restraint is needed in matters like this, not knee-jerk reactions.”

Well, people who don’t know, Sri Reddy had held a semi-nude protest against the casting couch in Tollywood. However, some members of the MAA held a press meet and rejected her application for membership in the Association. They also warned that if any actor works with her, he would be suspended from the Association. While these decisions were widely criticised by media and public, most of the people in the industry kept mum on the issue.