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Sri Reddy Controversy: Maadhavi Latha detained by Hyderabad Police, but she seemed happy about it!


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Telugu actress Maadhavi Latha was detained by the Hyderabad Police after she protested against actress Sri Reddy for abusing power star Pawan Kalyan. However, it seems the actor was happy about it. She was released in a few hours.

After coming out of police station, Maadhavi Latha shared her experience of how she enjoyed that moment in jail. She wrote on her Facebook wall, “Evaru vachina rakunna Nenu matram station lone continue chesta deeksha ni Love india Love my language.. Police station nundi nannu bayataki pampincharu anta Nannu ikkde unchutarata. Life lo 1st time POLICE STATION ( BANJARA HILLS) ki ravadam AM ARRESTED ARRESTED ARRESTED Bayataki vadaladam ledu Phone okkati uncharu hand lo But BAGUNDI e EXPERIENCE. (I love my India and my language. Even if I was not allowed to go out of police station, Police allowed to keep at least one phone with me. Nobody came to release me, but I must say it was nice experience. Felt excited to been in the jail for the first time in my life).”


Well, after Sri Reddy’s abuse of superstar Pawan Kalyan, many celebs as well as people were unhappy with her and condemned her for the cheap act. However, going a step ahead, Maadhavi Latha announced on Tuesday night that she would hold a silent protest against her.

Maadhavi had requested everyone to join her in the silent protest. The actress posted on her Facebook, “Pawan fans and Human beings and also….. language lovers Invited to this MOUNA DEEKSHA PROTEST for 2 hours Tomorow morning 10 am to 12 pm (potta ninda breakfast tini randi) Thank you Maadhavi latha.”

Maadhavi Latha also cleared that the protest is not meant for publicity. The actress posted on Facebook, “Good morning…… Hope silence will be successful Publicity kosam Na time waste chesukunentha TIME naku ledu….. Without speaking for an hour is biggest task for me Its challenge personally Thank you…… Na personal protest.” She added, “I reached film chamber Starting protest at 10 am sharp.”

Apparently, after Maadhavi Latha started her silent protest in front of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce at Film Nagar in Hyderabad at 10 am, she was arrested by the Hyderabad police at 10.30 am. SI, G Bharath Bhushan Chary quoted as saying IBTimes India, “We have arrested the actress today around 10:30 am, along with five men who were also part of the silent protest in front of the Film Chamber. Later we released her.”

Well, after her silent protest, let’s see how Sri Reddy would react to it.