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South actress Amala Paul sexually harassed, files police complaint


Mumbai: South actress Amala Paul has claimed that she was sexually harassed in Chennai. The incident occurred at Kollywood choreographer Sridhar’s dance studio. The actress filed a complaint at T Nagar police station. The cops have arrested a businessman over the incident.

She narrated the incident to media after filing the complaint, that, the man has approached her while her she was doing her rehearsals for a song and made sexual advance. The News Minute quoted the actress, “I went to dance practice for an event. While I was practising, he came inside. He spoke as though he was part of the event. He spoke to me like he was someone known at the event. He spoke to me personally when I was alone inside. That’s why I have complained. He has spoken like he was conducting a sexual trade, for a favour.”

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Explaining why she filed a complaint, Amala Paul said, “I should not let it go. Because there are many independent working women like me. If there is no safety, then I don’t know why we’re living.”

Amala Paul is flying to Malaysia to perform at ‘Dazzling Thamizhachi’, an event about women empowerment.