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Sourabh Raaj Jain wants to enter the digital space


Sourabh Raaj Jain is keen to take up a project in the digital space. However, the actor says that he is yet to get a good offer. “I see a lot of amazing stuff in the digital space. I think creativity is at its best where content is concerned on digital. So far, I have not got the opportunity to be part of this medium, if given a chance, I would love to be part of it,” he says.

The actor feels that the digital space has a bright future as well. “I think it’s only going to get bigger. The crispier, meaningful yet full on entertaining content is catching eyeballs. This, along with the accessibility of the medium, makes it amazing,” he says.

Sourabh says that internet is giving TV a run for its money. “I think it’s totally based on the content, people like to watch something fresh, exciting, original. Even TV content is easily available on the net. I see a lot of competition happening between the two mediums in the coming future and that is only going to make the content better,” he says.