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Sophie’s traffic tryst


We came to know that after landing in Mumbai VJ, dancer, singer and actress Sophie was to host a special segment for her dearest friend Manish Malhotra at CPAA. But the traffic was so bad that after being stuck in the car for 90 minutes, Sophie was about to miss the show.

That’s when her hairdresser Harry Rajput decided to get out of the car. He asked a complete stranger to give them his bike so that they could reach the show on time! What’s more, the young boy handed over the keys, sat in the car with Sophie’s mum while Sophie and Harry reached the event just 15 minutes before she had to hit the stage. Her makeup artist Ambereen got her ready just in time…

When asked about it she said that’s what makes her love Mumbai. “This would never happen in any other city! I can’t believe Harry did this and I can’t believe the guy gave us his bike! And people on the cars were shouting out my name and waving and laughing cod I had rollers in my hair! I didn’t even get to take a picture with the guy but I will do that this week for sure! He was an absolute lifesaver and I have the most amazing team! The CPAA event is so special and I think good things happen to people with good intentions,” said Sophie. Well all’s well, that ends well!