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Sonam Kapoor to Abhishek Bachchan: When Bollywood celebs were needlessly trolled


sonam kapoor mangalsutra, Bollywood celebs who got trolled

Sonam Kapoor, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Mandira Bedi—apart from being celebrities, they all have one other thing in common: being trolled by the netizens for trivial reasons. Mostly they have been taken to task—unnecessarily we might add—for their choice of clothing by faceless names. And not just them, anything the haters deem “inappropriate” will be trolled. Here are a few celebrities who were trolled for something absolutely frivolous:

Sonam Kapoor

You can love her, you can hate her, but you can never ignore Sonam Kapoor. She has been on the receiving end of flak and fame equally. Recently, Sonam, caused quite a stir on the internet, with sanskari netizens taking her class, when she was seen with her mangalsutra on her wrist, instead of her neck. This is the same girl whose wedding reception dress, and her choice of outfit at Cannes Film Festival were taken apart by desktop fashion critics.

Salman Khan

PTI Photo

The big brother of Bollywood has not been much of a silly hate victim. Salman ‘bhai’ Khan has always been able to steer clear of all the vitriol that nameless people can sprout in the name of ‘commenting’. However, when the trailer of his upcoming film Race 3 was released, the internet went bonkers. More than anything the song Selfish penned by bhai was shredded to bits, along with the cringe-worthy dialogues and logic-defying stunts.

Abhishek Bachchan

An actor and a known Twitterati, Junior Bachchan has been one of the most trolled celebrities—mostly because of who his father is, or who his wife is. As recent as in April this year, a tweet made fun of the fact that Abhishek lives with his parents. Bachchan in a classy way shut that down by tweeting this reply: “Yes! And it’s the proudest moment for me to be able to be there for them, as they have for me. Try it sometime, you might feel better about yourself.”

Fatima Sheikh

The actress who got celebrity status thanks to her performance in Dangal, managed to direct a lot of hate towards herself when she posted her “shameless selfie” in a gorgeous saari, and a yellow choli blouse, showing her midriff. Before this, she was trolled for “ridiculing” her religion. What did she do? She “dared” to be photographed in a relatively modest one-piece swim suit during the holy month of Ramzan.

Anushka Sharma

Virushka became a married couple in December last year. And the newlyweds have mostly been blessed by the fans and the ‘neutral’ parties. However, when Virat Kohli doesn’t deliver as a cricketer—people blame Anushka. Especially during the cricket crazy season of Indian Premier League this year, when the Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore could only win two out of seven games, haters were hurtful. One guy wrote: “I think Anushka is bad luck for Virat’s team. When she comes to watch match then 90% matches are lost by team.”

Jhanvi Kapoor

Ten days after the death of her mother, actress Sridevi, Jhanvi turned 21. After a picture of a quiet birthday celebration with her family and friends surfaced, hate poured in over her ‘insensitivity’. One comment read: “Touchwood, but if I would have lost (someone close), I would not be smiling for photos the way she is doing. No offence to anyone here.” In another case, a leading newspaper’s tweet about her ‘clothes’ (right pic) got her brother Arjun Kapoor riled up.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

When the former Miss World posted a photograph of her kissing her daughter Aradhya on her lips, the internet went crazy. Some of the comments even questioned Aishwarya’s sexual orientation, and even went as far accusing her of sexually abusing her daughter. This is not the first time she has been targeted by nasty net trolls. Her sartorial choices, especially during her annual Cannes appearance, have been deeply dissected by netizens.


Mandira Bedi

She was called ‘wrestler aunty’ because she is envy-level fit at 45. Earlier this month, Bedi posted a picture of herself, clad in a blue bikini off the coast of Crete, Greece. She was also subjected to other similarly hateful comments including “you look like a man” and “U look same like hijra”. All because she has a body that she can flaunt in any number of clothes. A few years ago, she had been taken to task for her ‘noodle strap’ blouse for saari.

Shilpa Shetty

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Another one of our glamorous mommas, Shilpa Shetty’s Instagram post about a Sunday iftaar party nearly broke the internet. The video on the actress’s page shows she and her friends grooving to the hit song ‘Aflatoon’ while serving dessert. One of the haters wrote: “Is this an iftaar party or a kitty party? Why are they dancing at iftaar table? Please show some respect.” Last month she was trolled for ‘showing off’ her son’s birthday party at an old-age home.