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Sonakshi Sinha publically apologises for supporting Jasleen Kaur 


Sonakshi Sinha

When social media and every other news channel targeted Saravjit Singh for harassing Jasleen Kaur, many other jumped on to the bang wagon and supported the girl. Little did they know that this case would turn into something else after a few days of them thrashing the boy. Like everyone else, it was our dear Sonkashi Sinha who came in support of the girl, Jasleen Kaur. She tweeted saying, “Well done Jasleen! Hope this serves as a warning to all the creeps and encouragement to every girl to take action!”

But it recently came to light that the victim in the case was not Jasleen but the man who was falsely accused and jailed. An eyewitness in the case informed the police and the media that the girl had a little argument with the guy over him jumping a signal and she was the one who started abusing the boy, while he simple told her to mind her own business. That’s when she snapped him and went ahead with the whole drama. After all of this was revealed, Jasleen Kaur refused to talk to the media.

On hearing the latest progress in the case, Sonakshi, tweeted once again, this time apologising for wrongly judging the guy. She recently tweeted, “Being a girl, gave the benefit of doubt to Jasleen, like many others! And like many others am embarrassed n let down! Apologies to the guy.”