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Sonakshi: Politically incorrect!


Meal-times at the Sinha’s are not at all tinged by politics, despite politician daddy Shatrughan Sinha’s presence. Going by Sonakshi’s claim, the family rarely talks politics unless there’s a big issue that is affecting the country. Instead, they discuss a lot of other stuff and more importantly, laugh a lot.

Sonakshi herself is aware of happenings in the country and internationally but “I don’t obsess over it,” she shrugs. She stays updated on latest developments via news-based apps and never shies away from airing her own opinion on various aspects of life without a trace of political correctness. This penchant for honesty, even bluntness, she credits to her father, for always teaching her to speak her mind.

“He is not only vocal but always stands up for the right thing,” she points out. A recent case in point: Shatrughan who belongs to the BJP recently supported JNU Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar, praising his speech that he delivered after being released from jail on six-month bail! That takes guts, indeed!

A chip off the old block, Sonakshi believes in the philosophy of live and let live, but she refuses to elaborate further on it for fear of upsetting certain folks! As to the big question – whether she would step in to participate in her father’s political campaign, her answer is that her dad wouldn’t even ask her because she is not a political person. Well, that could just change down the line, we predict!