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Sonakshi keeps it simple…


sonakshi sinhaIndian Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha takes part in a promotional event for the forthcoming Hindi film 'Akira', directed and produced by AR Murugadoss in Mumbai on July 4, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / STR

Get Sonakshi Sinha to start talking about Daddy Sinha and there’s no stopping the flow. She reveals that her father did pamper her a lot but her mother maintained the balance – she pampered the boys!

Despite being celebrity kids, the Sinha siblings were brought up much like their non-celeb friends were. They were not spoilt kids and their parents never hesitated to say no if they believed that they didn’t deserve the things they were asking for. In fact, while she was in college nobody even knew that she was Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter. How was that possible? Simply because Sona chose not to tell them! She was just like everyone else and was treated normally. Even when word got around about her famous father, she herself was so down to earth that it all remained normal.

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Today, she is grateful for that normal upbringing and realises its importance, when she sees how some people around, who were brought up with the same comforts, have turned out to be… Adjusting, accommodating and low-maintenance, she claims to be the sort of girl who doesn’t need fancy trappings of luxury. The basics are more than enough for her. Rooted in reality, she feels blessed for the simple and even strict rearing at the Sinhas’, which inculcated this attitude in her.

Today, she wouldn’t think twice if she had to trade in the fame and money for something else as they are not the priorities in her life. Growing up with oodles of both, she is not fascinated by either. What she enjoys is her work and that is something she would never be willing to trade because the satisfaction she receives from her work cannot be exchanged for anything. Papa will be proud!