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Sonakshi does not want equations with people beyond work


sonakshi sinhasonakshi sinha

Back during their DABANGG days Sonakshi Sinha was perceived to be part of Salman Khan’s camp, given that the superstar had mentored her right from the time she was a chubby youngster, and even starred opposite her in her debut film. A lot has changed since then and mention camps today and Sona will tell you that she doesn’t want to be part of them. She spells out that she does not want to have equations with people beyond work, period.

Prodded to discuss this attitude and she avers that her mind-set is different. She admits that she has fostered some wonderful bonds with those she has worked with. That said, she does not choose to hang out with them on a daily basis. Happy enough with her close circle of friends, she is content enough being on her own and away from all the fuss. Strictly work is how she prefers to keep her professional relationships.

This aloofness could keep her away from making news but hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons is not her cup of tea anyway. Film promotions and her presence of social media is enough to keep her connect with the audience going, she believes.

As for connecting with filmmakers for potential roles, she maintains that she would never ever pick up the phone and tell a filmmaker she was interested. Not a believer in being pushy, she avers that what is meant to be yours will come to you anyway. Taking a gentle jibe at certain contemporaries, she points out that often one reads of an actress doing a particular role but it eventually amounts to nothing, being the creation of the star’s PR department! A firm believer in the fact that whatever is meant for you cannot go anywhere else… is what ensures the frowns hardly if ever crowd Sona’s smooth brow. We like!