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Sizzling, sexy summer…


alia bhatt

His formidable design talent is coupled with a lively eye for spotting gaffes and lauding hits. The inimitable Wendell Rodricks goes star-spotting this summer and picks his faves… Exclusively for CINE BLITZ.

Our guys and gals sure know to beat the heat yet create an inferno. Watch our stars sizzle and stay ice cool despite them being the raison d’être for sending steamy temperatures even higher. How do they manage to do it? Simple. There is something called aircon where they glide seamlessly from cool home to cold limo to icy lobby or Arctic chill cinema. No wonder they leave their perspiration only at the gym. It’s not just our stars. Did you see Kate Duchess of Cambridge dab her forehead or pull out a tissue in the heat on the recent Indo-Bhutan jaunt? Nah! Some people have it. Stay ice cool but heat up a junta sauna with their presence.

Shall we simply do it alphabetically so that no one gets hot under the collar?

Alia Bhatt: gives cool her own spin. Unconsciously she knows the first lesson of chill. Comfort! It’s at the top of her agenda for sure. No fidgeting with a strapless or slim-fitting the body toujour. Oversize can be fun and fashion forward whether in patchwork loose jeans and outta size blue top, funked up with metallic runners, white shirt sleeved tee with suspender maroon skirt or sandwiched between dudes in black with a white cropped top and comfy red jeans (runners again). We like ‘n’ lust.

Fawad Khan: Okay ladies, please rise up from your fainting spell, pick that tongue off the floor and stop drooling. Instead look at this spiffy dresser. White jeans, blue grey shirt and brown leather belt/shoes? It spells icy cool summer chic even when near the always sizzling Sonam. And then purple tee, snug jeans and red Todd’s? He gets the award for best colour co-ordination. Super liking!

Deepika Padukone is one rare chick. She has all genders, all ages, all orientations rooting for her beauty, poise and dress. She can cool wave a drab grey dress, rip a distressed denim jumpsuit to let off steamy legs and accept a National award in red hot glam. Whatever she does, please stay away from this inferno or the heat will devour you.

Priyanka Chopra is no newbie to cool style. She knows exactly how to shoulder drop a sweatshirt, wear slim-fit all white dress or flash a leg in blue. And she further zoomed up the heat around the globe from Oscars to Padmashri. Uff! Too hot!

Ranveeer Singh not only enjoyed an award winning year (and half the year ain’t gone yet dahlings), he consistently stayed right up there on the style barometer. Take any look, Indian, casual, formal…Ranveer kills it like no one can. He has got the swagger to pull off anything.