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Siddharth Malhotra believes in growing with the audience


Siddharth MalhotraSiddharth Malhotra

For someone who evidently has his mentor Karan Johar’s protective hand above him, Sidharth Malhotra is not exactly letting the confidence go to his head. Instead he believes he is growing more mature, understanding what kind of films are being accepted and what the audience likes.

Interacting with senior actors has helped him prepare and equip himself for his profession. And not all lessons pertain to being in front of the camera… Sid, as he is popularly called, informs that one of the most important lessons he has learnt from his seniors is how to conduct himself off camera. He remembers how Akshay Kumar took charge of the entire unit on the set of BROTHERS. It was here that he realised how the lead actor sets the tone for the shooting – if he is in a bad mood it leads to the entire atmosphere on set going downhill. He put this lesson into practice on the sets of his own film, KAPOOR & SONS, as he did his best to keep things peppy – it turned out to be the best shooting experience for him!
Growth has occurred in other areas as well… Today he reveals that he believes there is no harm in asking for roles. Earlier he used to think that filmmakers have seen him and know his work and will approach him if they consider him fit for a role. Now he will go out and start off a conversation with a filmmaker he wants to work with. Believing he has learnt to deal with both success and failure, he has conditioned himself to not have any regrets. The way from here can only be up, we say!