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Shweta shares her unique bond with Lord Ganesha!


Actor Shweta Rohira is all set to celebrate Ganpati festival this year. The actor says that she has always worshipped Lord Ganesha and understands the significance of these festive days. However, very few know that Shweta shares a peculiar bond with the deity “I think our relationship started the day I was born, it was the last day of Ganpati. The band music and ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ are the words that were heard by me in my mother’s womb, when I was ready to start my journey in this world,” she says.

The actor adds, “Each of these eleven days gives me faith that Ganesha is with me and is helping me deal with the obstacles that come my way. His bhakti gives me strength and helps me feel secure and satisfied.”

Lord Ganesha means a lot to Shweta and she has always found peace in his worship. “I relate to him as my best friend with whom I share all my feelings. I know that he is always around whenever I need him.,” she says, adding, “I love his presence, his cute looks, his love for sweets and his commitment to his devotees.”

Ask her what she wants from Bappa this year, and she says, “My wish is that my relationship with him is always the same and that he gives people the wisdom to use eco-friendly idols of him this year.”