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Shruti Haasan receives death threats, files complaint against stalker


Daughter of South Superstar, Kamal Haasan, Shruti Haasan is known for her unconventional way of living. She doesn’t shy away from calling a spade a spade, is a hardcore rock chick and loves to travel.

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But being a Bollywood actress comes with its share of fan fare and crazy stalkers. And some stalkers do go overboard with their love for their star.

This is exactly what happened with Shruti Haasan. Shruti has been reportedly abused on the micro-blogging site by a said stalker based in Karnataka. Firstly, let’s rewind and tell you that this is not the first time she has been harassed by her fans or should we say crazy stalkers.

However, just like the previous time, Shruti has taken a stand for herself and reported this event to the police and even the Cyber Crime department. Apparently Shruti has filed a complaint against her stalker for crossing the line.

A certain Doctor called Dr KG Guruprasad from Karnataka has been harassing the young actress on social media. The said person is very active on Twitter and has been harassing Shruti by passing lewd comments and tweets about her.

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In fact, apart from verbally assaulting her, he has also given her death threats. The stalker had literally claimed, on social media that he will stab and kill her if he ever manages to get close to her. Alarmed by this man’s derogatory terms, the actress has finally reacted and has filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Grievance Cell on Wednesday.