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Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘Love Talk’ on Farhan Akhtar


Shraddha KapoorShraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor is icily furious when asked about all the speculation surrounding her supposed link-up with Farhan Akhtar. She bites out that there’s a limit to everything and things could not just be cooked up on whim. Sounding cautious, she points out that when discussing such link-ups, people’s sentiments must be considered and the feelings of those involved should not be brushed off.

This does not mean that she will avoid all mention of Farhan altogether! Instead, she happily talks about being fascinated with the idea of working with him because she has loved him since ROCK ON. She loved him in BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG as well, she points out, adding that she loves the fact that he is so talented, has carved a niche for himself. Farhan’s ability to be a lot of fun on set and also be very inspiring and passionate about his work, is clearly what has Shraddha so openly admiring of him.

Speaking about being single, she affirms that life is actually exciting when you are shooting for a film you love. Adding that she is happy being single, she maintains that she does not view a relationship as a distraction. It is important though to be with the right person, she says, to enjoy the beautiful feeling of being in a relationship. She admits that she is not attracted to guys easily and looks for something radically different and special. Giving your heart and soul to a relationship, it has to be for someone worth it!

Shraddha informs that she is a demanding girlfriend, the kind who will want to keep talking to her man, messaging him and meeting him – something she simply wouldn’t have any time to do at this point!

Winning her heart doesn’t sound like too much of a tall order; at least for the right man! She cautions her prospective man from changing,  instead advising him to be comfortable with himself and not trying to show every aspect of his personality at one time. Perfectly okay with imperfection, she opines that it is the pursuit of trying to appear perfect that creates problems!

A laid-back person by the sound of it, her idea of a perfect date would be watching a film and having a lovely meal at home – nothing high-maintenance about that! Perfectly capable of ignoring a flirting co-star if she didn’t like him, she cheekily shrugs that if she was interested, she’d flirt right back! Cheating is a big no-no in her book and she admits that she has never cheated in a relationship and would never tolerate it. While she does believe that love is blind she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, as for her conversation is mandatory.

No conversation with Shraddha can be complete without a mention of Aditya Roy Kapoor. Years and years later, she still maintains that she and her AASHIQUI 2 co-star were never a couple. Their affair was just a rumour, she avers, brought on by audiences getting carried away with their film and believing they were a couple. With Shraddha and Aditya coming together again for OK JAANU, she says it’s even better to be shooting together as the film isn’t as intense as AASHIQUI 2 but is a fun film. It remains to be seen if rumours will rear their heads again this time… or have audiences decided they prefer the Shraddha-Farhan link-up?!!