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Shraddha Kapoor: The rockstar fashionista


There are many things to look forward in Rock On 2, but for Shraddha’s sake she is really pleased with her hair and makeup, to begin with. “When you say happy with hair- and-make-up, there is this perception that Shraddha is very pleased with the way she is looking. However, it is not vanity related. Hair and makeup is what makes the actor turn into characters for each film.

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Every film is different for an actor, and they love it, if they can look different in each of their attempts. With Shraddha she looks like this fragile girl who is like a little girl, and almost everyone wants to dress her up in bright clothes or floral prints, so when she got garbed into a whole rockstar avatar she didn’t even have to try getting into the skin of the character, the mirror told her that she had it in her,” claimed our source, from the sets of Excel’s ROCK ON 2.

We obviously had to ask Shraddha what they exactly meant by that… “There are times when who you are playing is very unlike you, while music is ingrained in me, I am not a rockstar (I might have dreamt it though) however, when it comes to projecting that character, I really think the way I dressed did half of the work for me, cause it really helped me believe I could be it!” expressed Kapoor.

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Seeing her, hearing her, we, too, believe she has the bearings of a rockstar, but knowing her we know she is a superlative actor, and don’t quite want her to give that up for another journey.