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Shraddha-Arjun are new age couple


The actors believe that parents nowadays are more forthcoming with ideas of live-in relationships, and love marriages

Sharddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor are one of the freshest couples in town. The two would be seen together in Mohit Suri’s next Half Girlfriend which is based on Chetan Bhagat’s book of the same name. The actors say the youth would be able to relate to the film as it has many practical issues affecting the couples today.

“I have seen many of my friends who do not want to fully commit in a relationship, do not want to settle down and marry the person. On the other hand our parents are becoming more accepting towards respecting our choice, even if it is a live-in relation,” says Shraddha adding that the parents are accepting the choices of their children now. “There are relationships in all our lives that you cannot name. Like in this film, I also believe there are relationships we have sometimes in life, where you have someone who is more than just a friend but not exactly a boyfriend. It’s somewhere in the middle,” she says.

Arjun agrees saying that parents nowadays let their children decide about their lives. “My family has implicit faith in me, that eventually whoever I choose, whenever I choose, I’ll choose the right girl for the right reasons. We haven’t really discussed this at home but I am fairly certain about my family being respectful to my choice and trusting, believing me, that I am making the right decision. In India as a whole, parents have a certain reservation because they would like their children to find the correct partner and stick and stand by the person,” he says.

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The novel divulges the sentiments and linguistic struggles of a backward rural Bhojpuri-laced Hindi-speaking boy from Bihar as he enrolls himself at an English-medium college and falls in love with a ‘high class English-speaking rich Delhi girl’.

Arjun makes a point here saying, “Since the character goes through the trouble of speaking in English language, I think after watching the film, people will start talking about the importance of knowing one’s native language over English. In our country, no matter how intelligent you are, if your English language is not fluent, people look down upon you. It is a shame. Knowing English is good, but why do we feel embarrassed to speak in our native language? Why do people start judging you based on that? In India, if you’re smart but don’t understand English no one gives importance to you. If you can’t speak English then you’re looked at differently… This is the biggest issue in the country. You may understand Hindi but will speak in English to sound cool.” –Agencies