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Show gives Palak Jain a chance to learn Bharatnatyam


Palak Jain, who essays the role of Anushka Reddy in “Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai”, says the show gave her an opportunity to take Bharatnatyam lessons. Belonging to a rich family, Anushka has an ideology of simple living and high thinking. She also has a flair for art and culture and is inclined towards learning a dance form.

“I always wanted to learn Bharatnatyam but due to studies and other assignments, I couldn’t find the time to do it. Thanks to ‘Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai’, my character is a dance enthusiast. Hence, I had to learn a few steps of the dance form from a professional tutor,” Palak said.

“It was a liberating feeling, a long-cherished dream that has finally come true. I am hopeful of learning Bharatnatyam professionally too,” she added.