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Shocking! TV actress Sulagna Chatterjee was asked to compromise for a role


Showbiz seems to be glamorous from outside but from inside it has some dark secrets and one of them is casting couch. People might thing that casting don’t exist in today’s time but unfortunately not , it is still present. A TV actress has openly spoken on this , Sulagna Chatterjee in an Instagram post posted a screenshot of a Whatsapp chat with someone who said the director demanded that she ‘compromise’ and she captioned the post “When such offers are so common that you are not even affected anymore!’.

When such offers are so common that you are not even affected anymore!

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And online portal InUth got in touch with the actress for her comment on the issue, to which she said, “I just posted it casually and don’t want any publicity out of it. As far as the incident is considered, I had exchanged numbers with this guy for some work, but I did not remember him. He just suddenly dropped a message, and this was for an advertisement opposite a Bollywood A-lister. Of course was my first reaction was happiness, and then he explained that the shoot will last for one day. I was thinking he would ask me to come for a look test, but he texted about ‘a compromise’. The rest is in the screenshot. He went on to continue asking if I ever did ‘compro-projects’ and I said no, and said there is no point in asking me.”

She further told the online portal that it is the middlemen who carry out this perverse practice and not the top A-listers. ” I have never been offered anything like this by the topmost A-listers who work in the industry. All of these offers come from the middlemen who have nothing to do in life. I have never been told this by some director or producer- Tum yeh karo, main tumko star bana dunga.” Well, we’re proud that she was brave enough to speak about this issue publicly because there are many who would rather shove it under the rug. Kudos, Girl! What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments’ section below.