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Shocking revelation by Ulka Gupta: Faced racism in TV industry


Racism is in every corner of the world and in every industries, even Indian film and TV industry is not far behind in a shocking revelation made by a TV actress that she faced racism in TV for getting a role. Ulka Gupta is the current victim of Racism in an interview given to DailyBhaskar she revealed the dark side of TV industry.

She told the portal, “I was very passionate about acting but surprisingly at the very young age, I came across the dark side of our industry. After wrapping up Resham Dankh, my father and I used to go for the auditions on a daily basis. And every time, I was disappointed to see that the producers are looking for a fair girl. According to them, fair girl represents an up market girl.”

The 19-year-old actress revealed that she faced numerous rejections, only because of her skin tone and colour.”I was rejected so many times just for the sake of my dark skin. In fact, due to my complexion, I got a role of Saloni’s daughter in Saat Phere”, she added. This shows how judgemental TV world is and people presume before they give a role to the actor.