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Shocking! Is Kapil Sharma’s comeback show ‘Family Time With Kapil’ going off air?


Mumbai: Kapil Sharma’s new show ‘Family Time With Kapil’ went on air just a couple of weeks back. However, there are already reports that the show is going off air soon. The news has been doing the rounds after negative response to the new show left Kapil heartbroken. Kapil’s show returned with a new theme and old cast. Instead of comedy, it has been more like a gaming show. According to some reports, the comedian has cancelled six schedules of the show so far. Out of these, four were cancelled at the last moments and production house and crew knew about this only a day in advance. Apparently, the channel and production have had to suffer in lakhs.

Recently, Rani Mukerji was to appear on the show. The shoot was scheduled for 6 pm but was cancelled last minute as comedian did not respond till 5 pm. The Hichki actress was kept waiting for an hour before the shoot was finally cancelled.

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Another controversy arrived a few days before the premiere of Kapil’s show, when Sunil said on Twitter that he had not been approached for it. He wrote, “Bhai aap jaise kuch aur log bhi mujhse same poochte hain. Lekin mujhe iss show ke liye KOI call nahin aaya. Mera phone number bhi same hai. Intezar kar Ke ab maine kuch aur sign kar liya kal. Aap logon ki duaon se ek achhe project Ke sath juda hoon. Jaldi aapke samne Aata hoon.”

Kapil replied, “Yes .. he is lying .. I called him 100 times n sent my people to his home .. even I went to his home to meet him for the show .. but now I will not let anybody take any advantage on my name .. enough is enough.”

Sunil ended the conversation by alluding to Kapil’s reported ongoing battle with alcoholism, and wishing him the best health.