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Shocking! Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma’s girlfriend Divya Agarwal reveals about his ‘SECRET JAAN’ in USA


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Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma and MTV Spiltsvilla fame Divya Agarwal have always been loved by their fans for their cute fairytale love story. However, ever since Priyank entered the Bigg Boss house again, his behaviour seems to be giving major shocks to Divya. But recently, in an interview with, Divya revealed that Priyank has a secret jaan in the USA. Isn’t that shocking?

Reportedly, if you saw the episode of Bigg Boss 11 published on November 2 on Voot titled, ‘Problem hi Problem at Bigg Boss house’ under BB Extra Dose category, Hina Khan reveals that Priyank has a special someone in the US (from the 40th min). In the video, while massaging Priyank, Hina told Hiten Tejwani, “Dekh tel ke saath nahi karungi, camera pe ganda lagega. (Turning her face towards Hiten) Kehta hai mat kar mat kar, wahaan USA mein logon ko acha nahi lagta. Aur kisi ne bola wahaan meri jaan hai (Priyank has said no to massage with oil because it will look bad on the camera. People in USA won’t like. And someone [Priyank] has said they have a special someone there).”

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Well, by this Divya got super disappointed and told, “See the whole point is that he had a girlfriend earlier and now she has shifted to US. I don’t know if she still exists in his life or no. But the fact that Hina and Hiten are his new friends, and they know about her, and not me, is somewhere disturbing for me. I don’t know what is wrong with Priyank. He has completely changed after going back. He is fighting with his brother, Vikas. I know Vikas personally. He has done so much for Priyank. I think whatever he is, is because Vikas Gupta.”

As per the reports, the girl in the USA is named Nikita Nagpal and Priyank was dating her before he met Divya. Well, on this topic, Divya further said that “I am really upset. If he is saying US mein jaan hai toh Mumbai mein kaun hai. If our relationship was just for a show, I would have admitted that. But it’s not like that, at least not from my side.” Moreover, upset Divya was expecting Priyank to take her name. She said, “He could have addressed me in that massage situation. If he was genuine, he would not have asked Bigg Boss to cut that part. And the point is I get irritated with all the questions that I have to deal with because of him. It’s just sad that if he is mentioning his love interest, it’s not me, but his ex. I would never do this, because my exes are not that important to be mentioned anywhere, neither on my social media or anywhere. I knew for a fact that he had a really long relationship with her, for almost 10 to 13 years. But if you like someone already, how can you love the second one, and if you love the second one, how can you love the first one.”

Well, is it an end of Priyank and Divya’s love story?