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Shilpa Shinde’s journey from Angoori Bhabhi to Bigg Boss 11 winner has been nothing short of a soap opera


Bigg Boss 11 hosted by Salman Khan has finally finished. Popular TV celebrity and actress, Shilpa Shinde became the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa Shinde’s popularity has always been a question mark to every person as her past history before entering the show is nothing but a controversial chapter.

Controversial Bhabhi Ji

Reportedly, while doing the famous comedy daily soap, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Shilpa had creative differences with then &TV channel head, Vikas Gupta and producers of the show. Thus, Shilpa was replaced by another actress Subhangi Atre for her widely popular role, Angoori Bhabhi. Later, TV industry imposed a ban on Shilpa for her alleged unprofessional behaviour towards her work.

Shilpa vs Vikas 

But later, Shilpa Shinde appeared on one of the most controversial but popular shows, Bigg Boss season 11. Interestingly, in this game show, she met her old rival Vikas Gupta. Then what, Shilpa burst all her anger at Vikas as she made his life hell to live in the Bigg Boss 11 house. In the first five weeks, Shilpa bullied Vikas like a vamp by which Vikas tried to run away from the house twice.

However, later the friendship blossomed between the duo as they started being cordial with each other. Apart from Vikas, Shilpa was also closed to other contestants of Bigg Boss 11 like Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani, Puneesh Sharma, Bandgi Kalra, Benafsha Soonawalla. However, her friendship with other housemates didn’t last long.

Equation with Bigg Boss teammates

Firstly, Arshi Khan who called Shilpa Shinde MAA (mother), started irritating her for her flip nature. She also abused Shilpa a lot, but Shilpa didn’t lose any hopes. Akash too had joined Arshi to slam Shilpa. Amidst that, Shilpa has always seen cooking in the kitchen. Many people would agree that even if she fought with anybody, Shilpa always used to ask for food. That was one of the beautiful qualities that Shilpa has.

Not only Arshi but also, Benafsha too slammed Shilpa for her flip nature. However, Shilpa has always seen caring for Benafsha. Interestingly, after getting evicted from the Bigg Boss 11 house, Benafsha posted an apology on her social media account.

Especially, after Vikas, Shilpa Shinde’s rivalry with another finalist Hina Khan will always be remembered as one of the iconic rivalries of Bigg Boss. They have never gotten along with each other until the end of the season. However, during the top two sessions, Shilpa and Hina were seen getting much cordial and seen forgetting everything happened between them in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

Well, Shilpa Shinde has won Bigg Boss 11 with the whopping price amount of 44 lakh. However, after coming out of the house, Shilpa has made many shocking statements in interviews.

 Shilpa Shockers

After coming out of the show, everyone thought that Shilpa would reportedly work in next TV serial which is reportedly going to be aired on Colors. However, while denying these reports, Shilpa said, that she doesn’t want to do TV shows. Interestingly, during the task in the Bigg Boss 11, Shilpa had promised to work with Vikas Gupta. About that, Shilpa told PTI, “He had spoken to me about working with him and I told him I don’t want to do a TV show, I told him I will work for two days or so. He is working on a web series so I was like ok, it was no joke. I will definitely work with him.”

Moreover, Shilpa also expressed something about another finalist Hina Khan. She told PTI, “I had wished that Hina should be there with me for the finale and that I should win. I remember very clearly that she told me ‘look at yourself first what you have done Shilpa Shinde…what drama you have done outside’.”

Shilpa also said that she doesn’t want to meet Hina Khan. She told Mid-Day, “I really don’t want to meet Hina Khan to be very frank. I’m very blunt.”

Well, let’s see what Shilpa Shinde will do after Bigg Boss 11!

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