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Sheer honour for Satish Kaushik to step in for Om Puri


Mumbai: Actor Satish Kaushik has stepped in for late actor Om Puri, whose voice-over in Oms former wife Seema Kapoors feature film “Mr Kabaadi” has been done by Satish.

Satish said: “I was shooting in Delhi and Seema Kapoor called me to do a voice-over which was meant to be done by Puri saheb. I flew back to Mumbai for a day to dub. Puri saheb’s dialogue delivery is an inspiration for coming generation of actors. It was my sheer honour and privilege to take up this responsibility.”

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Has Satish been able to do justice to the endeavour?

“Though it is very tough and almost impossible for me to match the power and tenor of his voice…it was a feeling of respect and admiration for Puri saheb to slip into his shoes.”