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Shashank Vyas wants to do concrete TV shows


Shashank Vyas might have been away from television for a while, but he is certainly not forgotten by his fans. The actor, who recently met and ardent fans, says interacting with them is always a lovely experience. “Meeting fans is always a wonderful feeling altogether. The girl’s name is Sheetal and she knows me since my Balika Vadhu days. When a fan messages you repeatedly, you end up remembering their name. So I know her name and know everything about her because she sends me cards. She is more like my family. I was lucky to meet her. It’s great to start your year, meeting your fans and getting so much of love and warmth from them,” he says.

The actor is also grateful for the love that he gets on social media. In fact, Shashank says that his fans have continued to shower him with love, even when he is not on air. “This indicates that they are not only connected to my work, but to me. They know me as a person, they know who I am. They even keep records to who I meet and where I am going and what I am doing. For me, I would love to give best to my craft and I would like to entertain more. I want take up roles that I haven’t done till now, so that my fans see a new side of me,” he says.

Shashank has a lot of goals for the following year. “As far as the career part is concerned, I will love to have a concrete show, as a solo lead protagonist. I am all set to deliver my best. I don’t want to repeat my roles and characters. And in my personal life, I am working hard with on my body, working out hard in the gym. So Insha-Alla people will see a nice good me, a new Shashank altogether,” he says.