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Sharman Joshi wants to experiment!


Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi during the launch of book As Boys Become Men, in Mumbai, India on April 6, 2016. (Gautam Salvi/SOLARIS IMAGES)

He only surfaces when his films are coming up, there are no PRs hounding us saying we should shoot him in a different light, we are not even asked to promote him differently or any odd requests – Sharman Joshi only believes in keeping on working. But when we see him featuring in the trailer of horror films one does tend to wonder what it is that Sharman is upto now. Where is that actor who endeared us to himself with films like RANG DE BASANTI and FERRARI KI SAWARI has gone?

“It does look as if Sharman Joshi is trying to hard to get anything at all when it comes to movies otherwise why would he align himself to a film which hasn’t really been in his line of work all these years. He has never really starred in a horror film, given the way the audience reacted to him starring in HATE STORY 3, one cannot be certain if it was a wise decision on Sharman’s part to be trying out such a different genre,” these were the words of the trade analysts we called to discuss joshi’s moves.

However when we spoke to the actor’s team they were more than forthright in defending his choices, “The fact of the matter is that every actor loves to experiement, no one likes to hear that their calibre of acting is rather limited. One wants to experiment and try new things. That’s exactly what Sharman is doing. Be it Hate Story or 1920, these are genres he didn’t delve in initially but both the films are sequels to very exciting movies, why wouldn’t he want to be a part of it?”

Well, those of you who admire the father of three, what’s your take on it?