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Sharman Joshi: Body talk


Sharman joshiSharman joshi

His career is replete with ups and downs but his fitness levels stay amazingly stable. That’s essentially because Sharman Joshi has a few dos and don’ts where his body is concerned. For instance, he will never put on weight for a role as he feels it is not fair to one’s body and system.

Similarly, over-exerting is a no-no, while listening to your body and resting if your body is in pain, is high on his list of must-dos. Consistency is the key to fitness, as he sees it. Expecting miracles overnight is a no-no; patience is the keyword, as far he is concerned. Concentrating on the correct form while exercising is imperative, he believes, as doing so unmonitored by a trainer could cause serious damage.

Peep into his diet plan and you will find coffee, oats, egg whites and watermelon for breakfast. A protein shake before working out is followed by grilled chicken and fish for lunch, sprouts as an evening snack, and grilled fish/ mutton/ chicken for dinner. Nothing unhealthy goes into that dishy bod!