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Sharad Malhotra talks about heartbreak after alleged break up with Pooja Bisht


TV actor Sharad Malhotra broke up with girlfriend Pooja Bisht recently. The duo were in a serious relationship for two years, but it didn’t go too well for long. According to Pooja, Sharad cheated on her and this is the reason why they broke up. Earlier Sharad was in relationship with Divyanka Tripathi for seven years, but even this relationship couldn’t sustain and now Divyanka is married with Vivek Dahiya.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sharad opened up about the separation with Pooja. Sharad said that “A heartbreak is upsetting. I’ve been trying to get my mind off it, take up a new hobby; been trying to gather my energy and divert my attention to other things, like something new to learn. Life doesn’t end [after a breakup] and it has to move on. We hope that life moves on in a much happier way.”

“The only way you can heal a heartbreak is by dealing with it yourself and not asking for help. It’s true that you yourself can cure it, and time is a great healer, In today’s time, there’s nothing called perfect. The generation we live in is imperfect in a perfect manner. Patience and tolerance levels have gone down… I am somewhere in between not finding a soulmate and finding one. I’m sure I’ll meet someone at the right time.”


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