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Shah Rukh Khan opens up about why he needs female bodyguard!  


Mumbai: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan had a huge fans among people of all age groups. But the number of female fans following him are unaccountable, and, in order to handle them with care, and, respect during public outing is very difficult. So taking a cue from Gaddafi, Bollywood Badshah also hired a female bodyguards.

Shah Rukh declared that, “I had appointed a female bodyguards because I have a number of female fan’s which are uncountable. They have a long nail, when she come to close to me, to touch me in a public place it gives a love hurts. It’s very difficult to explain about the nail scratches on my body to my wife and children at home.”

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Shah Rukh’s also added that, “When people start throwing themselves at you, just make sure you always smell good, brush your teeth, have soft hair. I have a lot of ladies who like to smell me and grab me, so now I have lady bodyguards,” he added.