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Shah Rukh Khan applauds Aamir’s TV show


The superstar also hits out on online trolling as he talks about returning on the small screen

With Bollywood silently taking sides on a controversial affair, superstar Shah Rukh Khan changes the tone and praises his long-time nemesis Aamir Khan’s show, “Satyamev Jayate”, says that it was a positive step.

“Satyamev Jayate was a step in the right direction, it took issues that are happening in the country, and presented it in such a way that, people understood it, and perhaps, even presented solutions for it,” say King Khan.

The actor will be returning to small screen with upcoming TV show ‘Ted Talks India – Nayi Soch’, feels that, in today’s digital age, having a stage like Ted Talk in Hindi, on the small screen, is not a step back, but a way to bring a change in the world

“At a time when everything is going on the digital platform, why pray are we trying to bring this on television? I think, it is not a step backwards, the main essence part of it is the language. Our language today, has become a mix of Hindi, English and many other languages. Somewhere, I feel that we don’t use intellectual language, as we don’t understand it. That is why, having Ted Talks in our spoken language, is very important. It will be an opportunity for people from our country, to come and share ideas, which will change the world for the better,” Shah Rukh says at the launch of the show.

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The “Jab Harry Met Sejal” actor also took a sly dig at the trolls, who under the garb of anonymity, dish out a lot of negative comments, on many issues. The king of romance recommends that

“Since I have turned to 50, I see that it has become easier to hate, to be blatantly aggressive and to put your thought out there, because you feel so. And maybe it can bring about a change in the world. But, I truly believe, isse duniya ki bhagam dhod me, nafrat me, hum pyar karna bhul gaye hai. And I genuinely would like to claim today that, I am not just the best lover in the world, I am love itself. And love is nurtured by small and simple ideas,” he proclaims.

Shah Rukh has always been known as one of the most intellectual actors in the industry today, which he claims is due to his infinite thirst for knowledge. “I don’t know how it happened, but during my childhood, my parents, teachers and friends taught me something that urged me to stay informed about everything. Just like a curious cat, I want to know everything. I get hurt when somebody says some word to me and I don’t know its meaning. I have this good habit of getting knowledge about all things,” Shah Rukh said on stage.

Although being a he is under a constant spotlight, people have their own version of Shah Rukh Khan, so a platform like Ted Talks, lets him showcase his real self to the people.

“As an actor I act, sing, dance, do action, romance, but very seldom I get a chance to come front of people and show people who I actually am, as a father, husband, friend and a normal guy who came from Delhi 30 years ago to make a living in Mumbai. I have done well for myself, but Ted Talks gives me that platform to be me,” he adds.