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Selfie Le Le Re with SRK!


We all know that Shah Rukh Khan is a charmer when it comes to interview; add a selfie to it and you have a wish granted. Karan Singh Chhabra, who will be seen in upcoming TV show Har Mard Ka Dard, recently had one of the most delightful moments of his life while interviewing the baadshah of Bollywood for his chat show Asian Variety Show. The show is telecast on Sony TV in all the countries of North American and European continents along with West Asia and other digital platforms worldwide.

Speaking to FJP, Karan says, “Shah Rukh Khan is a delight for any interviewer simply because of his straight-forward and honest answers with conviction.” During the interview, Shah Rukh shared a few pearls of wisdom from his parents that he still uses in life. Karan says, “Shah Rukh Khan told me about his learning from his parents. Like his father said always do your own task and look after yourself. Whereas his mother taught him never try to decrease your spendings, work hard to increase your income.”

Chhabra also asked him to share what he learnt from Nawazuddin Siddique as a co-actor in Raees and SRK promptly shared, “Nawazuddin has an amazing style of saying his dialogue and that too effortlessly.” Well, no doubt, Chhabra is still spellbound by SRK’s magic!