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Seeti Maar from DJ: This song featuring Allu Arjun is a sure shot ‘whistle-blower’


Mumbai: The maker of DJ have released a new song ‘Seeti Maar’, and in no time it went viral. Actor Allu Arjun is undoubtedly is one of the best dancers in the Telugu industry and no wonder the song has created a buzz.

The number has a catchy lyrics and mass appeal steps, all ingredients to make it a blockbuster. It is first collaboration of Arjun and director Harish Shankar.

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In the film, Arjun plays a Brahmin chef, and to take the role seriously, he gave up eating meat. While shooting, he wanted that his character to stay pure. Pooja Hegde is the love interest of Arjun in the film.

Watch song here:

Apart from shooting in Hyderabad, the makers have also shot extensively in Abu Dhabi. The song was choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. It might be the biggest release in Allu Arjun’s career and the film is expected to open in nearly 3,000 screens worldwide.