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Seeing through ‘Ooltah Chashmah’ for 8 years


Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma

At the stroke of 8.30 pm every house quivers with mirth. He became a popular household name with his innate élan for acting and comic timings. Registered in Limca Book of Records for the longest running comedy show, Sab TV’s popular Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’s Dilip Joshi talks to Dhrithi Gulvadi about his success, the show and more…

How is it being associated with such a longest running successful show?

I feel really blessed and God has been very kind that we’ve been able to achieve this milestone. Right now, we’ve already crossed 1950 episodes and by August we’ll be completing 2000 episodes. It’s been a great feeling and we will be completing our 8th year on July 28. To be associated with such a humongous show, it’s really a big achievement.

Being the most admired character of the show, whom would you like to credit the success of the show?

Every success is attributed to the teamwork. It’s not an individual job. Whoever is associated with the show like writer, director or producer or actors or technicians, everybody works in harmony. Everybody has their goal in mind to give their best. Everybody is so committed as far as a particular job is concerned in each department. Of course there is no shortcut to success. We shoot almost 12 hours a day; we sacrifice a lot as far as personal life is concerned.

Although the show is named as Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, major stories revolve around Jetha and Daya. What is your opinion about the same?

Well, it’s the character’s work in any given sitcom. These two characters clicked very well with the audience. Every character has a story once in a while but yes I do agree that major stories revolve around Jetha and Daya because people love the character and ultimately it boils down to TRP. Whoever is the creator or writer they do their research about what people like or not like to watch in the show and according to their feedback of the people they play around with the scripts. I think every character has been liked by everybody. May be Daya and Jetha are liked more than other characters but other characters are also been liked by the people. Taarak Mehta is a Gujrati humorist and his article Duniya Ne Oondha Chashmah used to get published in Chitralekha magazine. All these characters are created by Taarak bhai and hence the producer Asit Kumarr Modi named the show as Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.

Had there been times when you felt that the character has been carried too far and that you wanted to deviate to experience different roles for better?

No, we are still enjoying because we have a fantastic team. It’s not a normal comedy. The situations are realistic based on society and the characters are such that people relate to it. Writers are involved in bringing different ideas and as far as there is fun in the show we will keep doing it. We are enjoying in whatever we are doing.

Was there a negative feedback from the audience owing to the show’s never ending story?

There is no continuity or a flow of story particularly; it’s a chain of small events that are made into episodes. One may watch the show without having to follow it for years, as the end of a story gives rise to another. People have blessed us so much that they tell us to not to bring an end to the show under any circumstances. People say that the show is entertaining and that they’ve liked it for its efforts to emphasize social message with humour. There’s a lot of positivity imbibed from the show and I guess the blessings of people make this show run successfully.

What interests you more – television shows or theatres?

Either ways but in theatres one gets an instant reaction to jokes or humours from the audience whereas in television shows people who watch it may give you their feedbacks at their convenience else they may not. I do like theatres more than television for this reason.