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‘Sasural Simar Ka’ fame actors Manish and Avika Gor open up about their relationship


Mumbai: Everyone’s eyebrows were raised when Avika Gor played the role of Manish Raisinghan’s wife role, who is double in her age, in ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. However, their onscreen chemistry was loved by all. Rumour mill is buzz in TV town as well as outside that both of them romantically involved with each other in real life.

Avika and Manish, from the first day, have denied dating each other. When asked about this, Manish told to leading news paper that, “The gossip affected me in the beginning and I was stupid enough to maintain a distance from Avika. I became conscious and irritable during that phase. The rumour made me sick. But later, I realised that if my intentions are clear, why should I treat her any differently? I have never dated her; she is almost half my age. We are compatible, but I have never seen her that way. Anyway, such loose talks don’t affect me anymore and we meet for work now.”

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On the same, Avika Gor said, “Manish is a just few years younger than my father, so there is no scope for any romantic involvement. We share a unique bond of friendship, which is inexplicable. It is based on understanding, respect, honesty and maturity. We are BFFs and he is a strong support system. I call him Shin Chan (the popular comic character) and he calls me Mitzi (Shin Chan’s mother) till date. We have maintained our friendship in a dignified way till now. We are good friends and will always be, but I have no intention to date Manish.”