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Sarkaar Hazir Ho movie: Review, cast, director


Film: Sarkaar Hazir Ho

Cast: Karishma Kanwar, Amyt Kumar, Arti Joshi, Manoj Malhotra, Prithvi Zutshi, Anupama Sharma, Hemant Sharma

Director: Pandit Vyas

Rating: *

An opportunistic alliance between the two most sensational, headline-grabbing, crime stories of our times, this film that attempts to marry the Aarushi Talwar murder mystery with the unbelievable Indrani Mukherjee-Sheena Bora case is anything, but well-conceived. It beats me how two geographically diverse and culturally inimically set-ups could be mashed up and presented in such casual, unremitting, callous and unlikely fashion? Of course, the film-makers are only claiming that their film is inspired by the two events – the deliberate and unvarnished pattern of play though distinctly alludes to the ‘real’ fact.

The story and depiction are way too wild to make much of. The much-married Dentist Indrani (Anupama Sharma) and her current husband, another Dentist (Prithvi Zutshi) are conflicted by their headstrong daughter’s (Karishma Kanwar) romantic love for her brother(Manoj Malhotra). But before you can start the name calling, the plot deepens and it’s revealed that the daughter is from Indrani’s previous marriage and the son from her husband’s earlier relationship. So what’s the problem then? The parents are skittish about the union because they are worried they would be ostracised from society. Balderdash! If that were so wouldn’t they have lived respectable blame free lives themselves? But before anything can come of such high-faulting behaviour, the daughter is murdered –in circumstances similar to the Aarushi Talwar case. And the investigation, reporting, and court sessions follow in hype-happy fashion.

Director and Scriptwriter Pandit Vyas obviously wants to exploit the sensationalism surrounding the two events but his unaccomplished skills make a turgid muddle of the whole sorry mess. Neither the performances nor the music has the class to elevate the proceedings here. I just can’t believe there are financiers out there throwing away hard-earned money on such trivial, ungainly and un-requiting pursuits.