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Sanya behind Aamir Khan’s sleazy moves


The ‘Dangal’ actress also choreographed a song for Khan’s upcoming movie

Superstar Aamir Khan’s avatar in his upcoming movie “Secret Superstar” is a of a sleazy and quirky guy, who has some very weird dance steps. Apparently, these dance moves that we witness in the movie are the brainchild of his ‘Dangal’ actress Sanya Malhotra.

“These cheap party moves are of Sanya Malhotra,” says Aamir about his moves in the song ‘Sexy Baliye’.

The 52-year-old actor learned about this fun-loving side of Sanya Malhotra while shooting for Dangal, the actress would take to the dancefloor to entertain the guests with her quirky moves while shooting. So, Aamir approached Sanya to choreograph the song.

It is a lesser known fact that Sanya who essayed the role of BabitaPhogat in ‘Dangal’ is also an exceptionally amazing dancer in real life.

Recently, Aamir also said that he is all game to reprise his iconic role from “Sarfarosh” in the film’s sequel. The 1999 movie, directed by John Matthew Matthan, dealt with a police officer’s quest to rein in cross-border terrorism and received critical acclaim.

Aamir played the role of a tough cop, Ajay Singh Rathod in the film. There were reports that Matthan is set to begin work on the sequel. When asked about it, Aamir told reporters, “Oh, it’s getting made? I didn’t know. How wonderful, that’s great. I would love to play ACP Rathod.”