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Sanjay Dutt, the workaholic


Sanjay Dutt says he is more dedicated to his work today than he ever was through his career as a film actor.

No matter what film he signs, no matter if he hasn’t had a film in years Sanjay Dutt, is the actor all love to love. Given he has started working on his upcoming film, Bhoomi with full gusto, it is only a matter of time when we would have a Sanjay Dutt film hit the marquee. While the audience cannot wait for the big day, Dutt himself wants to let things run its course.

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A friend of the actor claims that Dutt is actually working towards putting his best foot forward, at this stage in his life, “Acting has always come naturally to Sanju, so it came as a surprise to me when he said the other day that, ‘At this juncture, what’s important is to keep doing your job, I find myself more dedicated to it than I ever was before. There is something about the profession that I want more than I had earlier. It all came effortlessly and thus I didn’t try.

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Now I am willing to give my heart and soul for the craft cause frankly, after my parents it is this industry that has made me who I am, what I am… it has helped me more than I can tell. So it is only fair that I give it back in equal measures.’ We just know that there is no other actor who has been more eagerly awaited.” We totally agree.