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Sandeepa saves street dogs


Sandeepa Dhar

Not many know that Sandeepa Dhar ​is an animal lover. Recently during rains lots of street dogs have been hiding to save their lives and starved for hours. Sandeepa found five similar puppies at the basement of her building, who were all drenched in rain and were shivering of cold. Sandeepa being an animal lover, took all of them to her place, fed them and took care of them.

Sandeepa is also an animal activist and does a lot of Social service when it comes to rescuing street dogs. “My plan is to start an NGO for street dogs. There are lot of dogs on streets who are limping just because when they are sleeping someone ran their car over their legs. I would want to help them but unfortunately there are not many NGO’s. Hence I want to start something that can help those poor and needy animals.” said Sandeepa Dhar.