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Sanam Re – All For Love 


Sanam Re

While he wants to shrug off heartbreak and failure, she refuses to leave anything behind as they step into the new year. YAMI GAUTAM and PULKIT SAMRAT tell VIRAJ SAWANT about the year that was and the one that’s here. 

Your upcoming film SANAM RE is…

Yami: SANAM RE can be counted among the modern day classic love stories. It’s the story of Shruti and Akash, set in Shimla. It’s about how they meet and their past connect, where they are separated. Whether they reconnect or not and how, is something for the audience to see. It’s a perfect Valentine release.

Pulkit: No prizes for guessing, it’s a romantic film. It’s the kind of romance that sets your heart on fire against beautiful scenic locations that aren’t in Switzerland or Corsica but in our own country. We have shot at the most picturesque locations of India, like Himachal, Leh, Ladakh, Chandigarh and a little bit in Canada and other places. It’s the kind of romance that gives you goosebumps.

How was it working with Divya Khosla Kumar?

Yami: Divya Ma’am is one of the most passion-driven directors I have worked with. This has not been an easy film. I think the locations, the temperature and many other factors have played a very important role in the film. She has shown some of the most difficult locations in the most serene and surreal way. It’s not easy to be a director and, at the same time, handle her little kid post pack up. She loves her work and will not accept average work. Her passion for movies is her key strength.

Pulkit: I think she definitely is a task master. Like a disciplinarian, she would start the shoot early in the morning and I hate early morning schedules! She made sure that wherever it was -6 degrees, I was without my shirt and wherever it was 46 degrees, I was in three layers of woollens! (Laughs) Also it’s not just Bhushan (Kumar) but also Divya who has a musical ear. I have seen her fighting with him for songs. Till date I haven’t seen anybody fighting with him over music but only she could do that. I am too small to say this but I am not shy to say that she has definitely graduated as a director from YAARIYAN.

Working together for the first time, how was it sharing screen space with each other?

Yami: He is one of the best co-actors I have worked with. Extremely talented, very supportive, easy to work with. And he has got everything that you can expect from a co-actor. We even rehearsed together and he’s someone who gives you cues even when he’s not there in the shot. We’ve shot at some of the most difficult locations and things become easy when you have a warm and supportive cast. I really hope the audience likes the chemistry that we have tried to portray through the film while playing Akash and Shruti.

Pulkit: It was great working with her. She’s a very hard working actor. She gets into the character very easily and that, in turn, made it easier for me to perform. It’s like a lawn tennis match – when the service is so good, toh return karne mein bhi maza ata hai. The scene becomes better. She was also one of the reasons for the positive energy and laughter on the set. At this point, we have been working back to back on two films, SANAM RE and JOONONIYAT.

Having a senior actor like Rishi Kapoor on the set, what lessons did you take from him?

Yami: Sadly, I had no scenes with Rishiji but I really wish I did. I met him on his last day of our first schedule. It was such a pleasure meeting him. Everyone on the set told me that it was a joy watching him on the set. I personally adore him for his fabulous sense of humour. I hope I get to work with him very soon and get to learn many things from him.

Pulkit:Rishiji is so full of energy and enthusiasm His professionalism after all these years is a lesson in itself. How delicately and minutely he looks at every shot and scene! And his inputs were very valuable to me. He told me he has been watching my stuff from my first year.

The new year is here, what would you leave behind to move on?

Pulkit: Heartbreaks, failures, successes and many more things. I mean, I would learn more from my past success and move on towards bigger ones.

Yami: I don’t think there is anything that I would want to leave behind. Whatever you had in 2015, you just take it ahead to the next year, giving it a new shape.

What is that one thing that you are looking forward to in 2016?

Yami: I like to go with the flow, so for now I am looking forward to the release of SANAM RE. I am hoping that it stands true to its title, which is ‘The Perfect Valentine’s Release’. I hope people give it a lot of love. Hope we succeed in spreading love and celebrating the concept of love.

Pulkit: I am looking forward to doing many things in the coming year. Firstly, I am hoping that I’ll pick up better films. Also I want to overcome my fear of heights. While filming SANAM RE I realised that all romantic places are at a height. Daar nikal na padega for romance! I do all sorts of adventure sports except bungee jumping and sky diving. Even while looking at those videos I die! And of course I’m looking forward to SANAM RE.